房地产经纪人 looking to drive traffic to their 澳门官方赌场 in order to generate leads 面临着巨大的挑战. Larger syndication sites like Zillow all but monopolize the search engines making it difficult to get in front of your target demographic. 然而, 有合适的房地产营销策略, 有一种方法可以让那些大型澳门官方赌场相形见绌. 答案是:高度关注本地的社区页面. After all, Zillow doesn’t know your neighborhood like you do.


每一个 房地产经纪人 应该有页面 澳门官方赌场 that display homes for sale in the markets they are trying to target. 这些页面通常被称为邻域页面. 然而, in order to enhance your reach over larger syndication 澳门官方赌场s, 这不仅仅是创建页面. A successful real estate marketing strategy will include pages for every single county, 城市, 学区, 以及符合你目标受众的社区, supplemented by specific features that you know your audience is looking for.

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页面的实际创建相对简单. 如果你正在使用 WordPress, Squarespace, 或任何其他澳门官方赌场建设者, 你可以简单地添加一个新页面(不只是一个新帖子, 而是一个实际的页面.) Creating actual neighborhood pages is essential in that they become a fixed part of your 澳门官方赌场’s primary structure 和 navigation. We want pages that your 澳门官方赌场 visitors can easily navigate 和 won’t get buried, as 博客文章 随着时间的推移,往往会这样.


在发展你的网页内容时间表, there are a couple of different strategies that you could use.

  1. 熟悉的社区 ——通常, 最直接的方法是, to begin with a neighborhood that you have already spent time in 和 know very well.
  2. 受欢迎的社区 – The second strategy is to research which neighborhoods in your target area are the most desirable or have the most listings/sales in recent months.

在你选择好策略之后, the next step is to set a goal to add new neighborhood profiles to your site as often as you can, planning for a minimum of one per month until you have an excellent neighborhood page for all your prime target areas.


As we said, nobody knows the neighborhoods you are targeting as you do. 以便做出最有效的社区页面, it is essential that you put yourself in the home buyer’s shoes 和 include features of that neighborhood that are essential in the home buyer’s purchasing decision process. 这就是你的 澳门官方赌场 能在竞争中脱颖而出吗, as the information you include will help your customers make an informed decision about whether or not your listings are what they are looking for.


Here is a list of ideas that should make it easier for you:

  • 历史街区
  • 受欢迎的房子类型/风格
  • Average real estate prices (compared to the national average real estate prices)
  • 人口
  • 公园
  • 餐厅
  • 天气
  • 最佳雇主
  • 当地产业
  • 罪案(连结至罪案报告以获取最新资料)
  • 体育
  • 远足径(远足及骑单车)
  • Testimonials (interviewing people living in the neighborhood)
  • Schools 和 universities (link to Great Schools for classes 和 local schools 和 Colleges 澳门官方赌场s)

Resource Sites for Collecting Valuable Neighborhood Insights

Below are a few research sites for collecting information that you can use on your neighborhood pages. We recommend rewriting any content using your own words 和 style any content that you find on these 澳门官方赌场s. 你会得到更好的 搜索引擎排名 对于唯一内容vs. 复制和粘贴.

例如, if you’re researching the “Laurelhurst” neighborhood in Portl和, 俄勒冈州, 你可以利用以下澳门官方赌场:


Information alone isn’t enough to ease weary homebuyer’s concerns. Supplementing the hyper-local focused information with high-quality 照片视频 邻域化只会增强用户体验.

Photos 和 视频 are essential for each neighborhood profile. 正如一句老话所说,一幅画胜过千言万语. People will “experience” the neighborhood much more vividly with well-selected 照片 than with long-word descriptions. 有什么吸引人的地方吗?, 附近的当地活动, 或者附近的公园? 最好的方法是自己拍照. 你最近的智能手机都可以. 它可能看起来没有打磨, but that’s an advantage because it shows your visitors that you provide them with original content.


当您创建多个页面时(澳门官方赌场建议您这样做), 你应该在你的澳门官方赌场上链接它们. 一旦你的访客看到一个社区, 他们通常会想看更多, 特别是当容易接近和显示在显著位置.


在你这一页的最后, invite the 澳门官方赌场 visitor to explore your other pages 和 give them an incentive by highlighting one significant benefit of the next neighborhood (i.e.比如优秀的学校或特殊的公园). We recommend adding additional neighborhoods in either a sidebar or right above your footer area to entice users to explore other parts of your 澳门官方赌场 that might interest them.


You do not want your neighborhood pages to start to feel outdated. 社区是动态的,不断变化的. 会有餐馆开业和关门, 雇主来到这个城市, 人口数量会发生变化, 等. Your profile page should remain a trusted resource for buyers.

  • 目标 长尾关键字 对于您的社区页面. Long-tail keywords are search phrases that contain three or more words (such as the specific “Laurelhurst Bungalows for Sale” vs. 波特兰通用的“房屋”).
  • Choose keyword phrases that your target audience is most likely to use in their search queries. 包括搜索人员经常使用的邮政编码.
  • 在页面的标题中使用邻居的名称, 元数据描述, 并且有机地存在于文本中.
  • Choose a URL structure that displays your page’s neighborhood in the title (ex. “http://examplerealestate.com/laurelhurst”).
  • Include your targeted keywords in the file names of your page’s images 和 alt tags.
  • 只使用听起来自然的关键词. 关键字密度保持在1-3%之间. That translates to using a keyword phrase 1-3 times per 100 words on the page.
  • 确保你的澳门官方赌场加载速度快t. Slow-loading 澳门官方赌场s receive search engine demerits 和 usually don’t rank as well as faster loading 澳门官方赌场s. 这里有几个工具来测试你的网页:
  • 确保你的网页在移动设备上看起来很好. It is estimated that more than half of all 澳门官方赌场 traffic comes from mobile devices, 例如智能手机.


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